Sophrology and the Senses – Mindfulness at its Best

November 23, 2016

How aware of your senses are you?

Everybody knows we have basic 5 senses; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. But do you know about your body’s perception of each sense? Have you ever explored this?
Want to?
Great! Here is where we can explore an aspect of Sophrology as mindfulness supercharged.
Following are a series of tips on how to explore your senses with the main objective being to

notice the impact of the sense awareness on your body

i.e. how it presents in your body, including mental and physical perceptions and feelings.
Each sense experience has a resulting quality experience ranging somewhere between enjoyable and not. And is concurrently felt or noticed in the body.

This exercise is 100% about being present. It’s 100% your individual experience. And you’re 100% right in whatever you experience.. even if it’s nothing (which, initially, is a very common response, so keep being aware, keep noticing, just keep at it and you’ll be surprised at what you discover).

Start your senses journey here:

Each of the following may affect your body sensations, your thoughts and also your feelings or emotions. This practice may be similar to some mindfulness/meditation/relaxation exercises you’ve done before.

Give it a try:

1) While walking notice your muscles and bones as you move around
2) When sitting notice how the chair feels against your body
3) While showering become aware of the sensations of the water, notice the smells, notice the feeling of the towel on your skin as you dry your body, how your clothes feel and even smell. Become aware of how you feel before, during and after taking a shower or bath.
4) While eating take note of how the different foods smell, taste, feel or sound, and become aware of your thoughts, bodily sensations, and emotions during the process.
5) While outside in nature notice the sensations of the sun, wind, rain; and notice how it feels in and on your body and any sensations.

Worry, anxiety and stress can only be experienced when our mind is in the past or in the future, when the mind concentrates on present time awareness it is reminded that all is well. We can experience the joy of being alive.
To learn more about how Sophrology can help you to experience life in the present moment talk to Sarah and learn how Sophrology can become an integral part of your daily life.

Sydney, Australia

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Sarah Reeves

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