Want to visit family overseas but paralysed by the fear of flying?

Know you can ace exams but meet with brain blanks on the day?

Have a fitness goal you fall regularly short of achieving?

See yourself breaking through fear barriers. Be clear about and see yourself achieving goals. Use the tools of Sophrology such as visualisations, affirmations, timelines, etc. to overcome hurdles in life. Be guided by Sarah through a series of Sophrology exercises and practice them at home for optimal outcomes.

In your session, Sarah will verbally guide your mind to a level of consciousness called the sophroliminal level. This state is midway between awake and asleep and is ideal for conducting dynamic relaxation exercises. In the sophroliminal level alpha brain waves are the most active. These are the waves responsible for feelings of harmony and relaxation. And this is where new neural pathways can be built and new patterns of thought and behaviour will result.

Sessions can be conducted on a one-on-one basis in which specific needs can be addressed. For generalised wellbeing and balance small group series are held regularly and are suited most individuals. Contact Sarah for more details about which sessions will suit you best.


In sport:

Pro Golfer, Sergio Garcia, attributes success in his game to regular practice of Sophrology.

The Swiss Clay Pigeon Shooting champions used Sophrology in preparation for the European Championships.

Tennis player – Stephane Roberts did sophrology for mind focus and concentration.

In schools:

In Switzerland schools implement sophrology workshops, entitled, “Enjoy school life and succeed in exams.”

In companies:

Companies who offer mindfulness and sophrology training to their staff see a measurable reduction in absenteeism and a marked increase in motivation and efficiency


Used by many hospitals to prepare patients for MRI scans, operation, chemotherapy and any potentially stressful intervention.

Pregnant women

Widely used in France, Switzerland, Japan and Korea for childbirth preparation and for postnatal support


Sarah Reeves

Bronte, NSW,