Sarah is a warm and welcoming teacher, empathetic to your tales. You can sense her integrity and genuineness immediately upon being in her presence. Her work, study and traveling history has seen her work all over Australia and in a number of European countries in a variety of character building roles. She’s now well settled into a role as a midwife in a continuity of care program in a local Sydney hospital.

Sarah presents you Sophrology from a place of having experienced the transformations and benefits in her own life. While she has always been a happy and positive person she has had her own hurdles to jump like all of us. Some of her big hurdles were in facing situations of confrontation and conflict where her initial instinct was to run from the situation. Since practicing Sophrology she’s been calm when confronted with conflict and now approaches situations of confrontation with ease and comfort like never before, even to her own surprise.

If you were to imagine the kind of person you’d want guiding you through a calming and relaxing experience Sarah would fit that description perfectly. Sarah will guide you competently and easily through the journey of Sophrology. You will leave your Sophrology session feeling relaxed and ready to face the world.


Sarah Reeves

Bronte, NSW,